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  • Server Support Application

    Main roles of a support is simply to be active in the community (in game and forums), and help new and existing players in the game.

    This is a voluntary role, and therefore will not be paid by any means. You are free to resign from the rank at any point in time.

    We're always looking for new members to join the support team and in the long term work there way up to moderator and even administrator! Don't think for 1 second you're not good enough because we have a keen eye for picking out those who stand out!

    To apply, reply to this thread with the application form below. If you'd like your application anonymous, private message me the form. Thanks.

    How long have you played TizenX?
    What would you bring to the support team?
    Any other relevant info:

    Thanks guys!

  • Server Updates 16/03/18

    Duel arena has been enabled
    New player starting interface
    This is a nice little feature we've added, a custom interface designed specifically for new players that will visualize the account options to choose your level type and ironman challenges.
    Bug fixes

    •         Disabled staff of light half damage when in a duel.
    •         Disabled ALL commands when in a duel.
    •         Force ended overload effects when in a duel.
    •         Fixed not facing target when attacking in a duel.
    •         Fixed remaining in duel on relog
    •         Fixed glory teleports from duel arena.
    •         Fixed teleto and teletome commands in duel arena.
    •         Fixed dragon spear moving in duel
    •         Disabled hunter traps in duel
    •         Fixed familiar ticks in duel
    •         Fixed performing emotes in duel

    •     Ancient king's sword is now classed as a two-handed weapon.
    •     Moved dicezone to duel arena
    •     Changed dicezone teleport coords
    •     Lite weapons now degrade

  • Client issues

    If you are having client issues please list the issues below and Myself or one of the Dev team will be happy to help.
    1st, please make sure you are using the most upto date client. http://tizenx.info/play
    Please use the format below.

    • What issue(s) are you having?
    • What Operating system are you using?
    • Has the client worked for you before?
    • Please provide screenshots of the issue (You can upload these to imgur and supply us with the link).

    Many Thanks,

  • Server updates 14/03/18

    --> Reece 13/03/18
    [Fixed Arena Object ObjectData miss-match] 
    [Removed bone beads from droptable]
    [Finished Fixing Duel arena, Now complete]
    [Removed CoordsEvent Path handler completely; soley relying on RouteEvent]
    [Quality of life - Implemented 'addItemDrop' method; attempts to add items to         inventory before dropping to floor]
    [Fixed Bots perimitor system]
    [Bots Nolonger lose skulls when banking]